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Polypropylene Bags & Laminated Woven Sacks

We carry an extensive inventory of woven polypropylene for various applications in the feed, seed, mineral, and construction industries. We can provide hem top bags and woven valve bags with integrated poly-lock valves. Woven polypropylene valve bags are stronger than paper reducing breakage costs and lighter, making them less expensive to ship. The many advantages of polypropylene bags include having a much greater bursting strength to reduce cost due to bag breakage.

Depending on the applications you use our polypropylene bags for, their increased resistance to pests can make a significant difference in the integrity of the products you are storing or shipping. Everything makes a difference when you are working with feed and other products that might attract pests. Time on the shelf, shipping times, and conditions in the storage facilities can play a role in the problems encountered. These types of bags add improved pest resistance to help keep products pest-free and pure.

The latest technology in graphic printing on polypropylene is BOPP (or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene).  Many companies are transitioning from paper bags to BOPP print technology due to the brilliant multi-color graphics.  With exceptional print technology, BOPP Bags provide a tremendous advantage for your brand in retail environments.  Call on us to help you develop your brand artwork.

We also carry portable bag closing machines & thread for immediate shipment!