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Burlap Bags

Burlap is a strong, coarsely woven cloth made of fibers of jute, flax, or hemp used as fabric. One of the reasons burlap bags remain popular is due to their breathability and durability. Because they are biodegradable, burlap bags have always been the original eco-friendly package. They are most often used to transport rice, peanuts, coffee, pecans, potatoes, sand, and as tobacco sheets. Burlap is also used in various tree nursery applications.

With in-house printing, we can print your company design on stock burlap bag sizes with short lead times. Our friendly staff will work with you to create the design that you want, in the size and weight for your specific needs.

These natural bags are an ideal choice for anyone who is concerned about the environment, but also wants a bag that is versatile and durable.

Standard Fabric weights are 7oz, 7.5 oz, 8.9 oz and 10 oz.

Hydro Carbon Free bags are also available

Burlap Products
Peanut Bags
Pecan Bags
Potato Bags
Sand Bags
Tobacco Sheets
Burlap Fabric (Rolls)