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Jute Erosion Cloth

Erosion Control

Erosion Control Jute Mesh also known as "Soil Saver" is the original 100% biodegradable brown, open weave, light duty erosion control matting made from jute fibers which are separated and woven into the jute mesh blanket. When used for erosion control, the weave openings act as tiny check dams, which inhibit the flow velocity of water keeping soil in place allowing plant material to grow. It is ideal for hydro-seeding and bituminous applications. Under normal conditions, a jute mesh blanket will last approximately 1-2 years. Jute Mesh is an ideal low cost, short-term erosion control product for gentle slopes. Rolls are 48" wide and 225' long. Each roll weighs approximately 92 lbs.

Jute Mesh Installation for Erosion Control

  • Prepare the soil, removing stones and large dirt clods, taking care not to compact the area.
  • If desired, seed and mulch area to be covered.
  • Jute mesh should be applied by unrolling down the slope or in the direction of water flow in a ditch line. Do not stretch the mesh, allowing it to fully contact the soil.
  • Secure Jute Mesh with staples 18" x 24" apart throughout the matting (approximately 200 staples per 100 square yards). All staples should be driven flush to the ground.
  • The beginning and end of roll should be secured by anchoring the matting into 6" slots. In waterway applications, additional check slots may be installed every 25' to 50', depending on the velocity of the water flow expected. The mesh should be stapled in the check slots.
  • Always check with the state or agency for job site-specific requirements or installation.